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If you are a Pool Man now and would like to get some more accounts, or if you would like to get into the pool business for the first time, Pacific Route Sales, Inc. could be just what you are looking for.

The prices that we charge are about half of what you would otherwise pay to buy a pool route or individual accounts. And we have 24 years of experience, guarantees, free training, and financing is available!

PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc. is in the business of organizing and selling pool routes. We have been in business since 1984! We're members of the Better Business Bureau, we are licensed; and, as a corporation, we are registered with the State of California.


The Pool Business   

Being a pool man (or woman) and owning your own pool service is a great business! You can work outdoors, under no stress, make a lot of money and, at the same time, be your own boss! This is a fantastic business! It is steady, very easy to learn, very easy to operate; it can be big or small, part-time or full-time. You can even grow a small pool service business into a very large business!

Compared to other businesses, owning a pool route comes out near the very top! It is easy to learn, easy to operate, very low in expenses, has great tax advantages, tremendous flexibility, easy to buy, easy to sell! If you are thinking about buying some other kind of business, consider this: Most other businesses (a restaurant, laundromat, barber shop, etc.) would be selling you the "hope" that a customer will walk in the door and buy something from you! We are selling you the "actual" regularly-scheduled customer! Think about that! There is also the opportunity to make a huge income in the pool service business. There is no store to upkeep or to be vandalized. There's no rent to pay! There's no inventory to buy and store. There are no employees needed (you can do it yourself or use independent contractors), so you don't have anybody to be liable for, to deduct payroll taxes from, pay taxes for, or pay Workers Compensation for!... Can you think of a more ideal business?

Anybody can do this business! Over the years we have sold routes to men and women of all ages. Virtually anybody can operate a pool route. You can be a one-man or one-woman operation and do all of the work yourself. Or you can have someone else as a helper with you. Or you can pay somebody a percentage to do all of the work (while you stay at home and still make money).

This is a great family business! The wife and children can get involved and someday the business can be passed on to the kids (although you can do this kind of work well into your 70's and 80ís, if you want to).


Buying a Route   

There are only four ways to get into the pool service business: You can 1) buy a route from a pool man, 2) build the route yourself, 3) go through a broker, or 4) get your route from PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc.

Buying a route from a pool man is very risky. Besides the obvious risks of buying from a stranger, you take the risk that many of the customers will go back to the old pool man. Also, what are the odds of finding a route where you want to work, and the size you want?

Building the route yourself (by doing your own advertising, knocking on doors, etc.) takes a very long time; and, as a result, may be the most expensive way to get into the business.

Buying a route from a broker involves two levels of trust (the pool man and the broker) and will generally cost you 30-40% more money than buying directly from the pool man himself (and more than twice what we would charge), as well as get you tied into a contract that might not be completely beneficial to you.

Getting your route from PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc. eliminates the risk of buying from an individual pool man or a broker, eliminates the time of building the route yourself, has the best guarantees of all four ways, is the easiest way for you, and could save you a lot of money!


Why Us?           

PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc. is a reputable company. With us, you'll have a signed written contract. We have references, 24 years of experience, and we're members of the Better Business Bureau. You can check us out with the Better Business Bureau, the City, the County, the State; and we are licensed and registered with the State of California.

We offer FREE TRAINING. We have financing available (we do our own financing and qualifying is never a problem). We have many GUARANTEES in our contract. Among other things, we guarantee that we won't solicit the customers back from you, and we guarantee the accounts.

You can get any size route from us that you want, and in any area in California that you prefer. We can set up the route for you on any days of the week that you select! In many ways, it is a customized route!

The customers you get from us are not pressured into service. We don't do any telemarketing (which might produce a weak customer for you). We don't use any gimmicks or discounts to get customers (for the same reason). The customers are not "badgered" into more service than they want, so they are not likely to cut back (you should even be able to get a lot more income from them yourself)!

The customers are screened for long-term intentions (something you wouldn't get if you bought the route from a pool man or a broker and something you probably wouldn't even do if you got the customers yourself!)! Customers, who ask us for one-time service, temporary service or even short-time service, are not given to you. Houses that are "For Sale" are replaced, FREE. Everything we do, we do to make things better for you. After all, we are in the business of selling routes to people like you!

You can get a $2,000 a month route (one that has a regularly scheduled service income of $2,000 a month) for only $9,500 (or finance it). Any of the routes should also bring in an extra (additional) income from side-jobs! This size route should require only about 20 hours a week for one person (or, with a helper, around half of that time).

As you probably know, pool routes usually sell for 7-10 times the monthly income. We sell them for 4-5 times the monthly income (depending on the size of the route). That can be half of the price of buying a route from a pool man, or a 60% savings (or more) off the price of going through a broker!

A pool service business can be very small (a few hundred dollars a month) or very large ($50,000 a month or more) or anything in between. We can sell you any size! All the extra work (side jobs) is just extra income for you; we don't get a penny of it!

When you get your route from PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc. the individual accounts that you get are already priced before you get them. All of the details are worked out with the customer (price, what to do, how often to do it, billing, etc.). We give you all of the information on the customers. The customers are yours, and they pay you directly!

You can have any size route that you want, you can get more accounts from us later, if you want; and any customers that you get from these customers (neighbors, friends, relatives, referrals, etc.) are yours to keep, free!


How it Works   

What we do is very simple: We get the customers for you and give them to you as we get them. In other words, we build the route for you. It will take a matter of weeks (depending on the size of the route) to get all of the customers, but you can start servicing the new ones right away. You may cancel the contract at any time, in which case there is a 15% cancellation fee; you would keep the customers you had received to that point and the remainder of the money is refunded to you.  In our contract, there is also a time estimate. If we have not filled the route by the date of the time estimate, you would have the option to continue to receive accounts or to cancel with the cancellation fee waived.



We guarantee not to take the customers back from you (i.e., not to solicit them away from you). We guarantee to fill the route to at least the amount contracted for (not a penny less). We guarantee not to give you any houses that are "For Sale." We guarantee the accounts not to be underbid. We guarantee the accounts for 90 days against any loss for any reason that is not your fault. We guarantee against the loss of any account because of non-payment from the customer for 120 days. We also let you refuse up to 10% of the accounts that we get for you (if, for any reason, you don't want the account; you can just refuse it). All of these guarantees are in writing in the contract.



Our financing is simple: If you finance a $2,000 route ($2,000 scheduled monthly income) the route costs 20% more than if you paid for it all in one payment. In other words, a $2,000 route costs $9,500 (without financing) and $11,400 financed. The down payment is $5,700 and you make $316.66/month payments for 18 months. You pay no royalties, taxes, interest, commissions, or anything else. Larger routes have increasingly better terms. A price list (of all of the sizes) is available on this web site (below). If you pay off a route early, there is a 25% discount on the remaining balance! Also, we do our own financing, and it is automatic. We don't even check your credit!



We have sold over 4,000 routes in 24 years. About half of our buyers were experienced already, the other half were new to the business. It doesn't seem to matter. Either way, getting a route from PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc. is the best way to get customers. Also, a lot of our business is from past buyers and referrals. So, we must be doing things right!

Acquiring a route from us has the best Return on Investment (highest income for the price of the business) of any business investment in the world that we know of. We think that this is the very best business investment on the planet! We have been saying this since 1984 without contradiction so far! Whether you are a pool man now, or want to start your own business, if there's anything better, we've never heard of it!

We can help you with any facet of this business. There's probably nobody in the world has as much experience as we do in the business of selling routes or acquiring pool service customers! We'll be happy to sit down with you face-to-face for a no-obligation interview and answer any questions that you might have. We can show you step-by-step plans for starting very small and getting extremely large in less than a year!

We are reliable, professional, honest and experienced. Isn't it time to be your own boss? Give us a call and let's get you started toward making as much money as you want.

Our office is located in Los Alamitos, CA. No matter where you live it is worth the trip! Of course, the route you pick out will be located near to you (or wherever you want it to be).

Call us today (toll free) and make an appointment for a no-obligation interview. Let's get all of your questions answered and get all of your financial problems behind you. Forever!





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