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Pacific Route Sales, Inc. after 33 years have closed their doors.  Unfortunately the California economy could no longer support our business. 

Why Us?           



You can purchase any size route that you want, and in any area in California that you prefer.  In many ways, it is a customized route! We offer FREE TRAINING. We have financing available (we do our own financing and qualifying is never a problem). We have GUARANTEES in our contract.

The customers you get from us are not pressured into service. We don’t do any telemarketing (which might produce a weak customer for you). We don’t use any gimmicks or discounts to get customers (for the same reason). The customers are not “badgered” into more service than they want.

The customers are screened for long-term intentions (something you wouldn’t get if you bought the route from a pool man or a broker and something you might not even do if you got the customers yourself!)! Customers, who ask us for one-time service, temporary service or even short-time service, are not given to you. If on your 1st visit a house is “For Sale”, we replace it for FREE. Everything we do, we do to make things better for you. After all, we are in the business of selling routes to people like you!

You can purchase a $2,000 a month route (one that has a regularly scheduled service income of $2,000 a month) for only $9,500 (or finance it). Any of the routes should also bring in an additional income from side-jobs! This size route should require only about 20 hours a week for one person (or, with a helper, around half of that time).

As you probably know, pool routes usually sell for 8-14 times the monthly income. We sell them for 4-6 times the monthly income (depending on the size of the route). That can be half of the price of buying a route from a pool man, or a 60% savings (or more) off the price of going through a broker!

A pool service business can be very small (a few hundred dollars a month) or very large ($50,000 a month or more) or anything in between. We can sell you any size! All the extra work (side jobs) is just extra income for you; we don’t get a penny of it!

When you get your route from PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc. the individual accounts that you get are already priced before you get them. All of the details are worked out with the customer (price, what to do, how often to do it, billing, etc.). We give you all of the information on the customers. The customers are yours, and they pay you directly!

You can have any size route that you want, you can get more accounts from us later, if you want; and any customers that you get from these customers (neighbors, friends, relatives, referrals, etc.) are yours to keep, free!


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