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Buying a Route   

There are only four ways to get into the pool service business: You can 1) buy a route from a pool man, 2) build the route yourself, 3) go through a broker, or 4) get your route from PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc.

Buying a route from a pool man is very risky. Besides the obvious risks of buying from a stranger, you take the risk that many of the customers will go back to the old pool man. Also, what are the odds of finding a route where you want to work, and the size you want?

Building the route yourself (by doing your own advertising, knocking on doors, etc.) takes a very long time; and, as a result, may be the most expensive way to get into the business.

Buying a route from a broker involves two levels of trust (the pool man and the broker) and will generally cost you 30-40% more money than buying directly from the pool man himself (and more than twice what we would charge), as well as get you tied into a contract that might not be completely beneficial to you.

Getting your route from PACIFIC ROUTE SALES, Inc. eliminates the risk of buying from an individual pool man or a broker, eliminates the time of building the route yourself, has the best guarantees of all four ways, is the easiest way for you, and could save you a lot of money!

How it Works

What we do is very simple: We get the customers for you and give them to you as we get them. In other words, we build the route for you. It will take a matter of weeks (depending on the size of the route) to get all of the customers, but you can start servicing the new ones right away. You may cancel the contract at any time, in which case there is a 15% cancellation fee; you would keep the customers you had received to that point and the remainder of the money is refunded to you.  In our contract, there is also a time estimate. If we have not filled the route by the date of the time estimate, you would have the option to continue to receive accounts or to cancel with the cancellation fee waived.


We guarantee not to take the customers back from you (i.e., not to solicit them away from you). We guarantee to fill the route to at least the amount contracted for (not a penny less). We guarantee that we will replace any houses that are “For Sale” on your 1st visit.  We guarantee the accounts for 90 days against any loss for any reason that is not your fault. We guarantee against the loss of any account because of non-payment from the customer for 120 days. We also let you refuse up to 10% of the accounts that we get for you (if, for any reason, you don’t want the account; you can just refuse it). All of these guarantees are in writing in the contract.


We offer discounts to Repeat Route Buyers.  We occasionally have seasonal discounts as well.  Call the office to see what we are offering! 

Pay as you go Option for outlying areas

We are now offering a ‘Pay as you go’ option for some of the slower and outlying areas, call to see if this applies to you.


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