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The Pool Business   

Owning your own Pool Service business can be very rewarding! Being your own boss, working outdoors, little stress, and making money at the same time is very satisfying.  This is a fantastic business! This is a very easy business to own and operate, whether large or small, full-time or part-time.  You can even grow a small pool service business into a very large business!

Compared to other businesses, owning a pool route comes out near the very top! It is easy to learn, easy to operate, very low in expenses, has great tax advantages, tremendous flexibility, easy to buy, and easy to sell! Consider this: Most other businesses (a restaurant, laundromat, barber shop, etc.) would be selling you the “hope” that a customer will walk in the door and buy something! We are selling you the “actual” regularly-scheduled customer! Think about that! There is also the opportunity to make a huge income in the pool service business. There is no store to upkeep or to be vandalized. There’s no rent to pay! There’s no inventory to buy and store. There are no employees needed (you can do it yourself or use independent contractors), so you don’t have anybody to be liable for, to deduct payroll taxes from, pay taxes for, or pay Workers Compensation for!… Can you think of a more ideal business?

Your Pool Service can be very small (a few hundred dollars a month) or very large (no limit to your earnings).  With us you can select any size route that fits you.

Anybody can do this business! Over the years we have sold routes to men and women of all ages. Virtually anybody can operate a pool service business. You can be a one-person operation and do all of the work yourself. Or you can have someone else as a helper with you. Or you can pay somebody a percentage to do all of the work (while you stay at home and still make money).

This is a great family business! Parents and children can get involved and someday the business can be passed on to the kids (although you can do this kind of work well into your 70’s and 80’s, if you want to).

Whether you are a Pool Technician now or want to start your own business, we believe that this is a great option.


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